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I first became aware of trichology while working as a Hair Technician in a salon that specialised in making bespoke hairpieces for people with hair loss. Most of my clients were using my services as a last resort, knowing that their hair loss is irreversible. Talking to them and listening to their stories made me curious if indeed nothing could be done to prevent, slow down or reverse their conditions. I spoke to my colleagues and did some research of my own, and found out a lot of information about trichology and its methods of dealing with hair loss. It was then I realised that I am interested in doing something more than just “cover up” someones hair and scalp, I want to help people deal with their hair and scalp problems at earlier stages when less invasive and drastic measures are effective and possible. That is why I became a trichologist.

Katya Barannikova, Associate of the Institute of Trichologists

What is Trichology?

Trichology is a branch of science that concentrates on the study and research of human hair structure and disorders, and the development of treatments and prophylactic methods for maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

Generally speaking, if your have concerns about your hair or scalp you should see a trichologist. Very often hair and scalp disorders are quite easily treatable and lead to full recovery or improve significantly if maintained properly.
In cases when medical solution is not possible, we have a wide range of cosmetic options.

Do I need a trichologist?

If you experience any of the following, it is advisable for you to consult with a trichologist:

  • Your hair is dry and breaking more than usual or suddenly
  • Your scalp is dry, itchy and/or flaky
  • You experience more than usual amount hair loss
  • You suddenly start noticing that your hair is thinning and your parting is widening
  • You seem to not to be able to grow your hair past a certain length
  • You have a genetic predisposition to hair loss
  • You start noticing bald patches

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Our Services

Consultation & Diagnosis

Our mission as trichologists is to care for our patients using holistic approach to their health and wellbeing in a safe and friendly environment. At Trichohealth we will guide you ensuring a unique and personalised approach to your concerns from a diagnosis to the solution, using our deep knowledge of hair and scalp disorders and years of expertise in hair care and hair replacement industry. We will make sure that every case we take will have full reliable information and suitable solution leaving each patient happy.

In order to reach the correct diagnosis, during your one hour consultation the trichologist will ask you questions about your health, lifestyle, diet and family history. If you have results of any blood tests done no later than 3 month prior the consultation, please bring them with you. 

Within 3 working days following your consultation, you will receive a letter with your diagnosis, and an outline of the proposed treatment and maintenance plan. If your case can not be treated by us, you will also get a referral letter to your GP with explanation of your concerns and suspected diagnosis for further referral to a specialist.

Consultation & Diagnosis pricing:

1 hour initial consultation & diagnosis – £125
Follow up consultation – £100
Treatment from £35

Wigs & Volumiser

In time of need it is so important to have somebody who is there for you, who can guide you, give advice or just support you.

For most of us, if not all, our hair is our pride and joy. Losing it is a painful experience, which may affect your wellbeing. Most of people who went through hair loss use same expression, they want to be “normal” again.

Among our services we offer you a wig consultation. We have a reasonable samples stock to be tried on and also various catalogues for browsing for the right shape, fit of colour. If necessary, we can escort you on a shopping trip to well known London stockists to help you with our professional advice.

Quite often, patients do not need a full wig. With the help of volumiser, fully integrated with your own hair, you will look natural and confident. Volumiser is applied by our specialist using a medical grade wig tape. It is gently attached to your hair without tagging, pulling or breaking it, with plenty of room for your scalp to breathe and to be washed regularly. Re-application is needed every 4-6 weeks.
Our volumiser can be also combined with a few of very lightweight hair extensions, applied to your hair using medical grade wig tape. 

We use products supplied by established UK wig and hair loss specialists Banbury Portische.

Wigs & Volumiser pricing:

Wig consultation – £50
Wig shopping escort from – £50
Volumizer & initial application – £500
Volumizer re-application – £125

Additional hair extensions price after consultation


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